Sifam wellness (p) ltd

“Sifam” manages business in a way that promotes social, environmental and economic benefits for our stakeholders. We believe that our efforts to build a competitive workforce, enhance health and wellbeing, and protect the environment benefit not only us but also the communities where we operate.

Our social responsibilities are not restricted only to the compliance of human rights standards, labour and social security arrangements, but also to the fight against climate change, sustainable management of natural resources, consumer protection, philanthropy and volunteering.

Key to this approach is our employees who generously give of their time, experience and talent to serve communities; company encourages and facilitates them to do so. Within the company, socially responsible practices primarily involve employees and relate to issues such as investing in human capital, health and safety and managing change. We are also working for the fight against poverty, the development of education, as well as for the conservation of the environments.